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Redwood Run Biker Party Joins Save Richardson Grove Movement

Monday, January 25th, 2010

redwoodrunYou know something big is brewing when environmentalists and bikers are on the same wavelength. Redwood Run, which describes itself as the “Ultimate Old School Biker Party,” is an annual Harley-Davidson motorcycle run that ends in a big shindig at Riverview Ranch in Piercy every June. Well, it seems that bikers love Richardson Grove just as much as they love to ride and party. The Redwood Run website proclaims its opposition to Caltrans’s plans to widen Richardson Grove to accomodate large commercial trucks. The Redwood Run’s assessment of the situation, as described on its website, is pretty right on. As the movement to Save Richardson Grove continues to grow, it is becoming clear that the community as a whole—from environmentalists to bikers to college students to everyday folks on the North Coast—does not want Caltrans to open the North Coast to increased truck traffic and the onslaught of big box retail stores. Take action now by sending Caltrans an electronic letter telling them you oppose the project to widen Richardson Grove.

Marbled Murrelet Remains Threatened Under the ESA

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

bioMURRELETThe U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced Wednesday, January 20, that the marbled murrelet will remain a threatened species and continue to receive protection under the Endangered Species Act. The announcement came in response to a petition filed by the American Forest Resource Council, a timber industry lobbying group. The announcement is welcomed news for the Environmental Protection Information Center, which has worked for years to protect the dwindling population of the small seabirds. (more…)