EPIC v. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Southern Torrent Salamander)

EPIC et al. v. Tuttle, et al. (Coho Take Case)

EPIC and the Sierra Club v. CDF and Pacific Lumber (The Hole in the Headwaters)

EPIC v. Tuttle (California’s Logging Rules Don’t Protect Coho Salmon)

Communities for a Better Environment, EPIC and Desert Citizens Against Pollution v. California Resources

Agency and California Building Industry Association (CEQA Guidelines Case)

Californians for Alternatives to Toxics and EPIC v. CDF (Vegetation Management Case)

CATs, EPIC, Humboldt Watershed Council v. EPA (Herbicide Impacts on Endangered Species)

EPIC v. EPA (EPA’s Failure to Consult on TMDLs)

Sierra Club, EPIC, et al. v. Bosworth and USFS (Big Bar Salvage: Six Rivers National Forest)

EPIC v. Pacific Lumber Company and U.S. EPA (Point Source Litigation)

United States and Waterwatch, et al. v. State of Oregon and Grants Pass Irrigation District (Bring Down the Dam: Savage Rapids on the Rogue)

Center for Biological Diversity and EPIC v. R. Delgado, L. Woltering, A. Veneman, and USFS (Cattle Grazing in the Wild and Scenic North Fork Eel River)

EPIC and American Lands v. USFS (Fire Management Plan)

EPIC v. California Board of Forestry (Big Timber Relief Package)

EPIC v. Blackwell, et. al. (Divide Auger: Ancient Forests in the Yolla Bollys)

EPIC, et al. v. Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board, et al. (Logging Exemptions from the Clean Water Act)

EPIC, et al. v. Blackwell, et al. (Westpoint Timber Sale: Klamath/Marble Mountains)

East Fork Timber Sale: South Fork Trinity

EPIC, et al. v. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, et al. (Pacific Lumber’s Habitat Destruction Plan and Unfair Business Practices)

EPIC, et al. v. USFS (Knob Timber Sale, Klamath National Forest)