Mendocino Environmental Center and EPIC v. DFG (Sinker Logging)

Mendocino Environmental Center and EPIC v. DFG (Sinker Logging)


EPIC joined with Mendocino Environmental Center, Coho Salmon Defense Association, and Mendocino Coast Watch to bring suit against the California Department of Fish and Game to address DFG’s issuance of three sinker logging permits in Mendocino County and to challenge the practice of issuing Fish and Game Code section 1603 permits without CEQA review. DFG initially claimed that such permits were ministerial, but they have since admitted that CEQA review is warranted and that their regulation exempting 1603’s from CEQA is invalid. The practice of salvaging big logs from the river bottoms was very damaging to the environment and threatened salmon habitat. After our filing this case DFG rescinded the river bottom salvage permits. CEQA compliance would require competent DFG personnel to review the environmental impacts associated with the project and on-site review.

Procedure: Suit was filed 6/16/97 in Mendocino County Superior Court (76761). TRO was awarded 6/25/97. A week later DFG rescinded the 1603 permits at issue in Mendocino County, mooting a Preliminary Injunction.

Attorneys: Paul Carroll, Rod Jones.

EPIC Contacts: Jamie Romeo, Paul Mason.