EPIC v. CDF (3-Acre Exemptions)

EPIC v. CDF (3-Acre Exemptions)


This suit, brought against CDF and the Board of Forestry, established that it was illegal for the Board of Forestry to exempt logging on parcels smaller than three acres from the requirement of preparing a timber harvest plan. Persons planning to log parcels of three acres or less must now submit a THP.

Procedure: Complaint filed 2/28/94 (San Francisco Ct. #958445, Judge Cahill). Summary judgment granted to EPIC 6/30/94. Declaratory Relief and Injunction granted. CDF appeal (#A067903) heard 1/24/96. California Court of Appeal, Division Two, affirmed trial court judgment 3/15/96 (published at 43 Cal. App. 4th 1011.)

Status: final – State Supreme Court denied appellants petition to review, 6/12/96. Attorney fees awarded EPIC, 9/20/96.

Attorneys: Thomas Lippe, David Fox.

EPIC Contact: Charles Powell.