EPIC and Coastal Headwaters Association v. CDF II

EPIC and Coastal Headwaters Association v. CDF II


EPIC litigated three Barnum Timber THPs for failure to address cumulative impacts and failure to respond to public comments. The THPs at issue here covered 746 acres of old-growth and second-growth redwood and mixed conifer forest in three southern Humboldt County watersheds. This suit was brought by EPIC, Coastal Headwaters Association, and the Inter-Tribal Sinkyone Wilderness Council against CDF, Ray Utterback, Harold Walt, the State Board of Forestry, the Secretary of the California Resources Agency, and Barnum Timber.

Procedure: THPs 1-90-179 HUM, 1-90-188 HUM, 1-90-426 HUM approved November 1990. Petition for Writ filed 12/3/90 (Humboldt Ct. #91CPO162, Judge Weir). Trial 4/18/91. Notice of Intended Decision issued 6/17/91.

Status: final – trial court held CDF improperly approved all three THPs and that CDF must give reasoned responses to significant environmental issues raised by the public, including those in generic letters.

Attorney: Sharon Duggan, EPIC.

Contact: Charles Powell.