EPIC and Coastal Headwaters Association v. CDF I (Goshawk Grove I)

EPIC and Coastal Headwaters Association v. CDF I (Goshawk Grove I)


EPIC filed suit over CDF’s approval of an Eel River Sawmills plan to log 58 acres of diverse forest in the Mattole River Watershed at the confluence of Helen Barnum and Lost Man Creeks which would cause fragmentation of remaining old-growth habitat and adversely impact fish spawning habitat. The Trial court found that the THP was incomplete and inaccurate when filed and that CDF should have returned the THP to the timber company. This suit was filed by EPIC, the Coastal Headwaters Association, Mattole Watershed Salmon Support Group, Inter-Tribal Sinkyone Wilderness Council, and B. Ann Robbins against CDF, Ray Utterback in his capacity as CDF Region 1 Resource Manager, Harold Walt in his capacity as Director of the California Department of Forestry, the State Board of Forestry, the Secretary of the California Department of Fish and Game, the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board, Eel River Sawmills, and Barnum Timber Company.

Procedure: THP # 1-90-063 MEN approved 5/2/90. EPIC filed Petition for Writ of Mandate 5/15/90 (Mendocino Ct. #60344, Judge Luther). Writ granted 1/2/91. 
Status: final – THP was found to be incomplete and inaccurate. This THP was later resubmitted but the agency found it still deficient, so it was withdrawn.

Attorney: Sharon Duggan.

EPIC Contact: Charles Powell.