Coho Salmon Defense Project and EPIC v. DFG and CDF

Coho Salmon Defense Project and EPIC v. DFG and CDF


This suit challenged the approval of an Elk River Timber Company timber harvest plan (THP 1-96-059 HUM) to cut down approximately 395 acres of redwood forest along the South Fork Elk River in Humboldt County, California. The action challenged agency failure to uphold their statutory and public trust obligations to protect the imperiled Coho salmon from extirpation in this region. The South Fork Elk River is one of the most pristine streams left in California where viable populations of wild Coho salmon still spawn. This suit illustrated the importance of the Elk River to salmon survival in California. Consequently the announced Headwaters “deal” included parts of the Elk River drainage and important Coho corridors.

Procedure: Complaint filed 6/10/96 (Humboldt Court # 96CPO420). Preliminary Injunction denied 7/10/96.

Status: EPIC dismissed suit without prejudice to refile at a later date as to DFG, 7/23/96.

Attorneys: Mark Harris and Sharon Duggan.

EPIC Contact: Jesse Noell.