Sierra Club and EPIC v. Theiss

Sierra Club and EPIC v. Theiss


Following dismissal in Sierra v. Imboden (Owl I), EPIC filed this action realleging the same violations, except for those based on CEQA. This suit was filed against Leonard Theiss, CDF Region 1 Resource Manager.

Procedure: THP 1-88-515 HUM. Petition for Writ filed 6/12/89 (Humboldt Ct. #DR84664, Judge Hennigan). On 9/12/89 trial court ordered action abated pending outcome of Sierra v. Imboden. Sanctions appealed (#A047319) 9/25/89; on 6/10/91 the Court of Appeal reversed and remanded to trial court for further hearing.

Status: final – Court dismissed for plaintiffs’ failure to prosecute, but victory in Sierra v. Imboden renders this suit moot.

Attorneys: Joseph Brecher (Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund), Michael Golden.

EPIC Contacts: Cecelia Lanman, Charles Powell.