Sierra Club and EPIC v. Imboden and CDF (Owl I)

Sierra Club and EPIC v. Imboden and CDF (Owl I)


EPIC challenged Pacific Lumber’s plan to log 226 acres of an unentered old-growth redwood/Douglas fir grove in the Owl Creek drainage without implementing the wildlife mitigations requested by the Department of Fish and Game. This THP was planned for an area containing marbled murrelet nesting sites and which was in close proximity to the area later litigated in EPIC v. Pacific Lumber. THP 1-88-515 HUM approved 11/1/88. Petition for Writ filed by EPIC 11/30/88 (Humboldt Ct. #83428, Judge MacFarland). TRO issued with bond of $50,000 in 12/88. 12/9/88 Writ and Emergency Stay was issued by the Court of Appeal (#AO44393) holding that the bond was not required. Dismissed by trial court on procedural grounds, but reinstated by appellate court. Consolidated with Sierra v. CDF.

Status: final – THP inadequate. Appellate decision depublished by Supreme Court.

Attorneys: Joseph Brecher and Julie McDonald (Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund) Michael Golden.

EPIC Contacts: Cecelia Lanman, Charles Powell.