EPIC v. Johnson II

EPIC v. Johnson II


In 1985, Sally Bell Grove was again threatened by resubmittal and approval of the same 75-acre clearcut as in EPIC v. Johnson I. EPIC again filed suit. However, the case never reached trial because EPIC’s litigation and public education attracted the interest of the Trust for Public Land. The Trust purchased 7,100 acres of land from Georgia-Pacific on 12/20/86, 3,300 of which were donated to the State, including the Sally Bell Grove, when transferred to the state, this doubled the size of the Sinkyone Wilderness State Park. This suit was brought by EPIC, the International Indian Treaty Council, Robert Sutherland, Richard Gienger, Fred Downey, and the Sierra Club against Ross Johnson as Resource Manager of the State Board of Forestry, Jerry Partain as CDF Director, The State Board of Forestry, the California Department of Forestry, Gordon Van Vleck as Secretary of the California Resources Agency, Jere Melo as RPF for Rex Timber, Rex Timber, Inc., and Georgia-Pacific Corporation.

Procedure: THP #1-85-524 MEN approved 12/20/85 by CDF. EPIC filed Petition for Writ of Mandate 1/17/86 (Mendocino Ct. #51969, Judge Broaddus).

Status: final – Suit withdrawn in 1987.

Attorneys: R. Jay Moller, Sharon Duggan,
Joseph Brecher (Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund)

EPIC Contact: Robert Sutherland (The Man Who Walks in the Woods)