Industrial Forestry Reform

The redwood region of California defines the southern extent of the temperate rainforest of the Pacific Northwest. Industrial logging corporations hold the titles for much of the private forestlands in our region and present threats to ecosystem health and economic stability. Years of corporate logging has created a wasteland of clearcuts and roads beyond the visible “beauty strips” retained near highways and towns. EPIC confronts the corporations responsible for this destruction through monitoring their Timber Harvest Plans, engaging policy makers and litigating illegal actions.

Timber Giants such as Green Diamond Resource Company (formerly known as Simpson Timber), Sierra Pacific Industries, and others continue to threaten the viability of our forests, wildlife, and watersheds. Existing state regulatory mechanism meant to reign in these corporate loggers have proven ineffective, and have lead to significant declines in populations of sensitive species and the impairment of many of our watersheds.

EPIC’s Industrial Forestry Reform Program exposes the truth about corporate industrial logging, and seeks to challenge damaging and unsustainable practices and protect our forests, fish, and wildlife.  We seek to hold these actors accountable for the harm they create, and seek to hold the public agencies responsible for a flawed, and ineffective regulatory system.

Learn how a Timber Harvest Plan works and how you can make an impact.