Rhiannon Lewis-Stephenson, Communications and Development Coordinator

Rhiannon is responsible for energizing and engaging with the EPIC community. She works collaboratively with members and volunteers to organize eventsand provide resources and materials for membership development and enhancement. She oversees brand marketing and communications, including moderation of social media, content development for the website, and curation of all outbound communications – to provide clear communication and greater marketing support for the organization and volunteer leaders. Rhiannon also coordinates fundraising and planned giving opportunities for EPIC members.

Rhiannon has a B.A. in International Relations with an emphasis in Global Environment from UC Davis. During her time at Davis, she worked in Guatemala on Lake Atitlan with regional non-profits and ecologists to address the lake’s cyanobacteria blooms. Since graduating, she has traveled around the globe and the country promoting environmental conservation and activism.

A local of Humboldt County, she has now made it her focus to protect the incredibly diverse creatures and habitats in the mountains and forests that she grew up in. When Rhiannon is not working at EPIC, you can most likely find her somewhere near the ocean, reading alongside her cat Huckleberry, or being surrounded by clouds of honeybees.

Contact Rhiannon at [email protected]