Connecting Wild Places

Our natural and political landscapes are rapidly changing. Climate change is affecting ecosystems across the planet, and people, plants and wildlife are beginning to feel the pressures that come from a changing environment. Prolonged droughts, severe storms, growing deserts, deforestation, habitat loss and the resulting increase in stresses on wildlife are projected to become the norm in the future. Read More »
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Protecting Endangered Species of the North Coast

EPIC’s advocacy efforts for restoring wild fish populations includes many years of work defending forests and headwaters that provide clean water and valuable habitat for wild fish. Now, EPIC is undertaking a new initiative to reform fish hatcheries that have operated for too long without proper oversight.
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Reining in Caltrans

EPIC's "Rein in Caltrans" campaign is designed to force Caltrans to abandon some of their most egregious construction projects, and to reform the flawed decision making that allows wasteful and destructive projects to move forward.
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Returning to a Natural Cycle of Wildfire

As a society, we must understand that fire is an essential element in maintaining healthy ecosystems. EPIC is working to form a holistic approach to wildfire management that addresses the needs of the land and the people that call it home.

Industrial Forestry: Reforming Corporate Logging

Industrial timber giants are threatening our forests by using highly intensive forest management practices compromise the productivity and sustainability of our forestlands.  EPIC advocates for responsible forestry by tracking private logging operations to ensure that environmental standards are implemented.

Updates + News

Win For Conservation Groups: Illegal "Crawford" Old-Growth Timber Sale Withdrawn

August 11, 2020

In the face of litigation brought by EPIC and other conservation organizations, the Klamath National Forest has withdrawn its approval of a timber sale that threatened old-growth forests in the cold water tributaries of the Klamath River. The "Crawford" timber sale would have removed large-diameter thick-barked old-growth trees that are resilient to fire, provide crucial wildlife habitat, and regulate streamflow and temperature of mountain streams that are critical to the health of the Klamath more >>


Wolf Update: California’s Lassen Pack Grows

August 10, 2020

The Lassen Pack has had a fourth consecutive litter of pups. California’s only known gray wolf family welcomes a minimum of eight new pups this year. Genetic testing revealed there were at least four males and two females. The pack now consists of a minimum of six adults and yearlings, which brings the pack to at least fourteen wolves. Not including this year, the past three litters combined totaled thirteen pups, though not all survived. While it could be assumed that at least some of these animals may be dispersing throughout the state, there is no known documentation as to their more >>


One Step Closer To National Forest Plan Revisions

August 10, 2020

The Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), just got one step closer to revising forest plans throughout the Northwest. The Bioregional Assessment (BioA) spans about 24 million acres across 21 National Forests that are primarily within the range of the northern spotted owl covered under the Northwest Forest Plan. The BioA is a review of the current conditions and trends across a broad regional landscape and will serve as a foundation for land management plan more >>


ACTION ALERT: Urge Forest Supervisors To Use MIST Guidelines In Trinity Alps Wilderness!

August 9, 2020

The USFS has delegated authority to firefighters to begin bulldozing ridgetops in the Trinity Alps Wilderness on the Red Salmon Wildfire Complex. To align with the “big box” approach there are also miles of dozer lines proposed outside of the wilderness on the Six Rivers and Klamath National Forests. Please act now to urge the agencies to use Minimum Impact Suppression Tactics, while there is still more >>


BREAKING: EPIC Win For Mendocino National Forest at the Ninth Circuit!

August 3, 2020

In a major victory, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has sided with EPIC in a case impacting the Mendocino National Forest. The court found that the Forest Service’s use of a “categorical exclusion” to avoid an environmental impact assessment for a timber sale following the 2018 Ranch Fire was likely a violation of the law and that EPIC should have been awarded an injunction by the lower court to stop more >>


BREAKING: EPIC Joins Nationwide Coalition to Defend People's Environmental Law

July 29, 2020

EPIC, along with a nationwide coalition of organizations from the environmental justice, outdoor recreation, and conservation communities, filed a lawsuit challenging the Trump administration’s attack on the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) this afternoon. The administration finalized its rules that will eviscerate core components of NEPA in mid-July. Under new regulations put forth by the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), polluting projects of all kinds will be exempt from basic environmental reviews, and the public will be cut out of one of its best tools to prevent dangerous, shortsighted projects. read more >>


EPIC on the Radio!

July 20, 2020

Want to keep up with the latest environmental news from the Northcoast? Tune in live to KHUM (104.7 fm Eureka) at 10am on Saturday, KZZH (96.7 fm Eureka) at 11am, or KFUG (101.1 fm Crescent City) and find us on KMUD every second Tuesday. You can also subscribe to the EcoNews Report on your favorite podcast app! read more >>


Proposed Caltrans Roadwork Places Old-Growth Redwood At Risk

July 20, 2020

The HUM-36 Three Bridges Project would rebuild two bridges and widen a third bridge along Highway 36 in Humboldt County to provide better bridge rails and wider shoulders on the bridge. Because of impacts to old-growth redwoods, EPIC urges Caltrans to modify the project slightly: to the “Two Bridges Project,” not three. One bridge in particular, a proposed rebuild of a bridge over Hely Creek at Van Duzen County Park, would impact a half-acre of forest, including the removal of an old-growth redwood that measures six feet in diameter, the removal of several other large trees, and impacts to the root systems and pruning of other old-growth redwoods. read more >>


Registration Open for Virtual Timber Harvest Plan Workshop!

July 19, 2020

Registration Open for Virtual Timber Harvest Plan Workshop! How do you stop or change a logging project? Many people don’t think they need to know how to navigate the THP (Timber Harvest Plan) process until there is a logging project proposed next door or in their favorite place. In fact, many people don’t even know that a logging project is being proposed until it is being logged, and by that time it is too late to have any meaningful participation in the outcome of a project. read more >>


Building Citizen Engagement with Climate Change: Dr. Connie Roser-Renouf, Ph.D.

July 18, 2020

How can you persuasively discuss climate change to motivate your community? How do you encourage your friends, family, neighbors and community leaders to take meaningful action to address these impacts? Those are the questions Dr. Connie Roser-Renouf has investigated beginning in 2007 until her recent retirement from the Yale/Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University. Connie will convey strategies she has found effective, and will answer your more >>

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